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PAP - Sapato com gliter

Ola meninas!

Eu ganhei alguns selinhos essa semana mas em breve eu posto tudo!
Achei esse passo a passo da internet nesse site aqui. para usar por um dia achei bem legal essa ideia kkkkk

Para facilitar vou copiar e colar o pap aqui:

Dorothy's Shoes

I have always wanted a pair of sparkly red shoes just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately they are really hard to come by outside of child size 6. Little known fact, however, is in the original story Dorothy has silver shoes. Actually a lot of the story was changed in the film. I guess MGM wanted to make more of a statement. Sorry L. Frank Baum I prefer the red shoes!
To make these shoes you need a few ingredients and a bit of patience.
  • Shoes - any type will do. I happened to have some awesome pumps that needed some TLC.
  • Red glitter - $5 8oz jar at Michael's
  • Fabric glue or Jewel glue - make sure to get a kind that dries clear.
  • brush
 Brush a liberal amount of glue over the shoe and spread with the brush.
Cover that area with glitter
Make sure to put down newspaper or something because you will make a mess!
You can work in patches or do the whole shoe at once. I used the heel to hold onto as I worked then I covered it afterward. You will notice after one full coat that you can still see the shoe underneath. 
Let it dry for at least a couple hours (or until you can rub it without messing it up) before you add another coat. I added two full coats and I am really happy with the results.

Now I have red, sparkly, glittery, heels! This was really easy and cheap! Because I had shoes and glue already, I only paid for the glitter. Which means I made fabulous shoes (I would price at $40 respectively) for $5. Amazing, 3 clicks and I am home.

It was really hard to take a picture of my own feet!

The only problem is wherever I walk I leave a discreet trail of red glitter. If that is the only problem I have then there's nothing to complain about :) Plus who would'nt want to leave a trail of glitter wherever they go?

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  1. Gostei, mas não saberia onde usar um sapato assim.

  2. O passo a passo estar em inglês, que pena..


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